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Behind the Style

Zac, the owner and creative mind behind Leonardi Illustrations, is a digital artist and graphic designer based in Far North Queensland, Australia. Aged 33, Zac served in the Australian Army before pursuing a career as a house painter and youth worker. Despite his varied professional background, Zac has always been passionate about art, a passion he pursued since childhood by experimenting with traditional mediums and tools.

However, a turn of events over the past few years, coupled with the arrival of his first child "Ira" with his wife Danielle, led him to explore digital art as a means of reinventing himself as a professional artist and designer. In his first year of going digital, Zac made valuable industry connections and exhibited his first professional piece in Australia's largest art prize, for which he qualified as one of the top 40 finalists out of 8800 applicants.

On his creative journey, Zac decided to enroll in Billy Blue's College of Design at Torrens University, Australia, to acquire the industry skills and knowledge required to become a successful graphic designer, something which had fascinated him since his early high school years. Since then, Zac has worked with clients to build a steady customer base, welcoming new experiences with open arms.

Zac is focused on creating a great customer experience through his skills, openness, and passion for design. He is committed to connecting with future clients and industry professionals and building lasting relationships that showcase his unique design style and innovative ideas.

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